Redwood Regional Park | Redwood Peak

July 26, 2015
Oakland, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Carol
Distance: 9.35 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,155 ft.

 Wild blackberries - (pucker) they were sour! We also came across a yellow plum tree, whereas the plums were quite tasty.





Carol decided it was too hot for sweats. Good thing we had a handy-dandy Swiss Army Knife.

Saw several of these signs along the trail... a little disconcerting.

 A bench! Who wants to be a sitting duck today? We weren't feeling it.

 This is it - The Peak.

Golden Spike Trail, Monteiro Trail, Dunn Trail, Baccharis Trail, West Ridge Trail, Redwood Peak, Redwood Peak Trail, French Trail, Orchard Trail, Bridle Trail.


  1. ooh... pretty... was it easy to navigate on those trails? i still get lost in redwood every other time i go... but i would love to run/hike that!

    1. Their signage can be confusing, even having map in hand. We had to backtrack a couple of times, and we would not have found the peak if it wasn't for the gentleman on the bench that saw confusion in our faces, and asked if we were looking for the peak.