diablo foothills regional park

December 30, 2011
Walnut Creek, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6.7 miles

Well, we were about to call this one a dud and were complaining most of the way about the awful directions in the book and the lack of trail markers. Once we found our way back to the car we came to realize that we parked in the wrong lot and started out on the wrong trail. We still covered the same amount of ground in the same amount of time as stated in the book.

We will be going back to give this one a second try now that we know where the correct trailhead is.

Cannot wait to get my new camera so that I may
zoom in on such beauty as this hawk.

This hill was really steep. We even turned around
and went back up at one point; but felt we really
wanted to be on the trail at the bottom.

This is the same hill. We started at the ridgeline
where you can see the tip of  the tree.

What a beauty! Laura has eagle eyes I tell you - she spots
everything; including the hawk shown above.

Could not reach to sit inside.

Same here.

Hmmm... no wonder there were no other cars.
They were all parked in the other lot.

Notice the seagull among the other birds.

This is the route we were supposed to do.

This is the route we did.

impromptu excursion - mt wanda

December 27, 2011
Martinez, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 4.7 miles

While hiking Mt. Wanda you will most certainly come across Mt. Helen; both being named after John Muir's daughters who hiked these hills with their father.

Mt. Wanda is beautiful even in winter.

Shorts and tanktop at the end of December!

Being goofy...

No outlet.

Acorn Woodpeckers stash acorns.



This was a very active beehive in June.
You can see what is probably a guard
bee to the right of the hole.
We love our fungi.

Mt. Diablo in the distance.

This area will be awesome after the rainy season.
This is two creekbeds coming together.

Pepé le Pew!

Trail ends...

Once again we must be trailblazers and
forge our own trail.
(God forbid should we turn around and go back!)

We could go that way...

You got the "thyme"?

Nasty stickers that really stick!