lafayette reservoir: lower trail

March 25, 2012
Lafayette, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Andy
Distance: 5.41 miles

We did an impromptu double loop around the reservoir hoping to beat the rain; and we did. The rain never did materialize. However last week's showers and last night's steady rain made for several brooks around the reservoir.

Poison oak is so beautiful, too bad
it's so irritating - literally.

Huge bush of poison oak.

Soaking up the wee bit of sun that there was.

lime ridge open space: revisted. again.

March 11, 2012
Walnut Creek, CA
Hikers: Cathy & Laura
Distance: 4.73 miles

Not sure what this is. At first thought a bird nest.

Then again maybe not. Did the wind blow it into the tree?
Or did someone place it here. It was hanging by a thread. 
A mystery for sure.

Some type of foundation was here.

Oooh... a trail we never noticed before!...

...and oh so beautiful...

...that once again lead to a dead end.

HUGE bushes of poison oak.

That pile of rocks used to spell out Zack in memory.
Someone moved them to make a campfire.

This is a TREE of poison oak!

Laura taking a picutre of me...

...taking a picture of her.

This looked like a deer to me.

We just love our buckeye trees and this one was beautiful
with lots of little buckeyes underneath.

More poison oak. We never realized they had
 buds/berries on them.

Think they mean business?

Serious spikes on this baby.


It's always so windy on this part of the trail.
So windy it whipped my scarf right from my
hand and around my face.

Raptor flying in the wind.

Back (neck) scratcher.

Looks like rain.