George Miller Regional Trail

November 30, 2014
Martinez, CA | Port Costa, CA
Hikers Walkers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6.26 miles
Elevation Gain: 682 ft.

George Miller Regional Trail (previously known as Carquinez Scenic Drive, and dubbed by the locals as Snake Road).

We were not expecting too much excitement hiking walking on a paved trail.

Hmm.. do we stay home for an Outlander marathon (series based on the best books ever), or go for a walk? Hell! We're going!!  (We have been contemplating changing the name of the blog to something along the lines of, Crazy/Stupid Women Walking. Ha ha ha.)

The George Miller Regional Trail is a newly paved pedestrian trail (open to walkers, bikers, and equestrians) that links Martinez to Port Costa.

Birds hangin' on the water.

The rock reads, zombies...

The train!!! The train!!!
(We get excited over trains..)

Newt crossing sign compliments of crowndot(dot)com (we forgot to take a pic - but this is "the" sign).

Unfortunately, we saw several newts and one frog that had met their demise on the trail. :(


The old brickyard.

This is how the newly paved trail used to look like.

Laura was looking for the frog we could hear - but all she found was some nuts and bolts. 

We came across a dirt trail and decided to see where it went.

The old Port Costa school

Here the rain came down, and the wind picked up. Long way back to the car (and we have not turned back, just yet).

I was thinking, what are sailboats doing out in this weather? Then on second thought, we are out in this weather.. diehards. :)

The train, the train!!

The seemingly never-ending train...

Not only did the train go on forever, but it was double-stacked as well.

I was looking for an old car that is in the ravine, but found a motorcycle instead.


George Miller Regional Trail
(The paved portion of this trail is 1.7 miles one way. We ventured a bit into Port Costa as well.)

To see what this trail used to look like, check out my post from 2011 and scroll down about half way.

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