franklin ridge + snake road

December 23, 2011
Martinez, Ca
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6 miles approx.

Carquinez Scenic Drive also known as "Snake Road" to locals, runs between Martinez and Port Costa and is closed off to vehicles due to deterioration. Local artists have left their mark on this road making for an interesting walk.

I think my camera is wearing out. Not the best photos - poor focus and clarity.

Mothball Fleet
(What's left of it anyway)

The Amtrak train runs along the bottom of the hill on the left.

Can you see the train?

Stairs to nowhere.

These caves were fenced off - could not go exploring...

Artwork on "Snake Road" is done by local artists from Martinez.

This is "Logdog"
It's owner said he/she picks a log on every walk.
Too cute! She would carry it a few feet, drop it, rest,
and pick it up again.

"end of the road"

Playing in the leaves.

"Snake Road" aka Carquinez Scenic Drive.
Did not have Garmin with me to be
outlined in red.

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