Castle Rock State Park

December 7, 2014
Los Gatos, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Carol
Distance: 6.96 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,576 ft

 A beautiful enchanting hike.


Castle Rock

These were our favorite find. So delicate looking.

 Sorta looks like a giant cinnamon stick, doesn't it?

See the face?

Nature's decoupage.

 Mini waterfall.

  The falls overlook.


Now to get down...

A bit precarious... thankful there was a cable to hold on to.


 Close up of the above picture - showing the bird nest.


Goat Rock

 Wow. Not sure why the camera made this pic so dark, but it looks cool!


Castle Rock Trail, Saratoga Gap Trail, Interconnector Trail (up and back - changed mind), Saratoga Gap Trail, (Castle Rock Trail Camp), Ridge Trail, (Goat Rock), Saratoga Gap Trail.

Castle Rock State Park

There is an eight dollar parking fee for parking in the lot. Most people parked on the street. We chose to park in the lot to support the park in hopes of having this beauty to behold for years to come.

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