mt. tam: east peak loop

October 7, 2012
Marin County
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 9.64 miles

We love Marin. We love Tam. Tam comes in a (real) close second to our cherished Mt. Diablo.

Quoting Linda Hamilton, author of Best Hikes Near San Francisco, "This hike could be considered the 'best of Mount Tamalpais.'" This was a great hike - for us it's a toss-up for the "best of tam" with another awesome hike, The Steep Ravine Loop also found in the above mentioned book.

Yes, there are a lot of fog pictures - it's just so friggin' mezmerizing. The thick blanket of fog looks so plush it makes you want to fall backward and sink into the pillowy softness.

Do you see the shoes?

These first seven pictures were just from the
drive up!

The start of our hike - Rock Spring.
Or so we thought...
It ended up returning us to the parking lot.

You can fit a whole lotta people
in this theater.

Not sure what these are.

The two plaques were adhered to this rock.

It looks as though something is falling from
the sky. All those dots are boats in the waters
of Sausalito.

Mt. Diablo in the background.

This is the place you want to be with the new
iPhone 5 (which none of us have) with
it's panoramic capabilities.

Yep. Diablo.

Reminiscent of Petticoat Junction!
 We wanted to climb up for a photo-op,
but the ladder was covered and locked.

Looks so inviting...

That's our destination!

Beautiful hillside!

This is located on another peak - for another day.

San Francisco peaking out of the fog.

The Verna Dunshee Trail is one
not to be missed! Impressive views.
It starts at the East Peak parking lot
and circles around the peak itself.

Another perfect spot for that panoramic
feature of the iPhone 5.

Richmond - San Rafael Bridge

Diablo on the horizon!

San Quentin State Prison

Trail benches with arm rests!

Another inviting trail..

We've been there!

San Francisco has the crookedest street and
Mt. Tam had the crookedest railroad.


And I thought China Camp was rocky.

The Peak!
Mt. Tam Lookout (aka Gardner Lookout).


Rock Spring, Old Railroad Grade, Verna Dunshee,
Middle Peak Fire Road, Lakeview, International,
Upper North Side, Benstein, & Simmons

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  1. Thanks for posting all of these hikes. It's giving me some great ideas of places to go.