mt. [beautiful] tamalpais

June 17, 2012
Marin County, CA
Dipsea, Steep Ravine, Matt Davis trails
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen (aka Goat)
Distance: 7.8 miles

Note: Popular parks are not a good choice on a weekend in summer, especially on Father's Day.

We were to start our hike at the Pantoll Station and work our way down to Stinson Beach for a bite to eat and meet up with Guy and Pat for a little beach time. Due to Father's Day there was absolutely NO parking at the top. Even the turnouts on the windy road were all full. We opted to go to Alpine Lake instead. On the drive down into Stinson we got lucky and found a parking spot close to the trail-head where we would have ended the first half of our hike. Yay!! So we just did our hike backwards. And such a beautiful hike it was.

The view on the drive up.

As good as any.

Pigs. Pick up after yourselves people!

Things happen for a reason.

If we had found parking at the top we would
not have seen this beauty.

The official start.

Did you know there is a yearly Dipsea Race
that takes place on the second Sunday in
June that started back in 1905?
I'm assuming the 7 stands for miles.

Many stairs on this hike.

A wall of ivy.

Poor little mole met his demise.

Rattlesnake Grass.

My sis likes taking pictures of me taking pictures of her.

Nature's art.

It's like you're on a tropical island.

It looked like a dinosaur - had to be there.

No it's not sideways.

Worm tracks.

Quite artistic they are.

Pat & Guy met up to say hi.

Patrick! Dude!

An over-stuffed, squished, PB&J
tastes so good on a hike.

Self portrait.


Look closely and you can
see a huge web.

Who is Jim Dunn?

Did I mention there are numerous
stairs on this hike?

Teach you to mess with me!

Someone's home.

The End.


  1. great pictures women. Why aka Goat

    1. I nicknamed Noreen Goat because she can climb any type of terrain with ease.