china camp: impromptu date day!

September 9, 2012
San Rafael, Ca
Hikers: Cathy, Andy
Distance: 9.94 miles


Critter print.


Not only a bench ~ but a garbage can too!

Old Nike missle site.

Very popular with the mountain bikers.

Mt. Tam

My beloved Mt. Diablo in the background.


Web stretched across the trail.

This spider is not going to go hungry!

The trails out here are quite rocky.

You want me... to cross that.

I have really poor balance when it comes to
placing one foot in front of the other.
I would fail a sobriety test sober!

Sutro Tower in the fog/smog.

Base of the old water tower.

Beautiful Tam.

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge

Unofficially known as Hitler Trail
to mountain bikers.

Just missed the snake.

Thanks for the beautiful day hon!

Shoreline, Bay View, JT Howell, Seven Eleven, Hitler

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