el corte de madera creek open space preserve (aka skeggs)

September 30, 2012
San Mateo County
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6.32 miles

Looks as though My Little Pony
is swimming in a swamp.

Love my sis.
Brave one to retrieve my camera that
went tumbling down the side of the hill.
I was ready to write it off!


"The Resolution Trail, a multi-use, single track trail that winds through Corte Madera Canyon, was named for and dedicated to those who lost their lives on the ill-fated DC-6 airplane that crashed here in October 1953. The trail starts below the Vista Point, a knoll off of the Fir Trail that served as the base of rescuer operations following the crash. Please respect this historical site by leaving any artifacts where you find them." (source)

Good thing for the sign above.
We did not even see this giant
rock right in front of us!

Either Laura is engaged in conversation with
the rock or she is about to be eaten by it.

Donald?! Is that you?

Crystal Springs Reservoir

From the San Mateo Bridge.

Tafoni, El Corte de Madera Creek, Resolution, and Fir.

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  1. Boy that Laura person sure takes nice pictures through the car window. But what's wrong with her head in the shadow picture?