tilden regional park: vollmer peak

September 23, 2012
Berkeley, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6 miles

Notice the "ring of fire" cloud above the tree.

Where is "Waldo" Lizard?

The Golden Gate was socked in with fog
all morning long.

Ha! The Briones Reservoir spillway.
We've walked up that spillway!

San Pablo Reservoir

Our beloved. Mt. Diablo.

Interesting cloud formations today.

Me & my sis!

Vollmer Peak - not what we were expecting.

Reminds me of a giant drum.

Have to have one more of Mt. Diablo.

A swing on Vollmer Peak!

Looks like something from outer space!

Where is (Waldo) Steam Train?

There it is!

Quary, Seaview, East Bay Ntl Skyline/Bay Area Ridge,
and Volllmer Peak 


  1. Just did this hike and forgot my camera! Your photos are great and I sent a link to my mom to show her where I was. I like that you took photos of the human-made infrastructure as well as the "beauty shots" to give a real sense of the place and its many layers.