mt. diablo: mitchell rock ~ twin peaks

September 16, 2012
Contra Costa County
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 4.31 miles

It was a quiet day on Diablo today. We only came across five other people (two groups) on our hike of four miles. It was a short one, but we're still pooped. It was all up - then all down; whatever happened to the rolling hills?

A sign?

I just get a kick out of these signs.

Mitchell Rock ~ Up close and personal.
This rock was formed during the Jurrasic period - cool huh?

Climbing Mitchell Rock.

I prefer the crab walk down.

This was so very cool looking!

Twin Peaks!

I do believe this is a tarantula burrow.
Can't wait for October when they come
out in droves!

Good to know.
In case you need to call for help!
I'm on the "trail" trail.
I'm sure this is the park districts way of
saying please stay on the trail.

We're thinking that is the Meridian Ridge trail.

Backside of Twin Peaks.

Notice the lime green tree between the hills.

What happened to the trail?!!!

Close-up of the above picture.

We're baaack...


Even in the trees!

Oak Road, Mitchell Rock, Eagle Peak, Coulter Pine

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