Tilden Regional Park | Lake Anza to Inspiration Point

November 2, 2014
Berkeley, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 7 miles approx.*
Elevation Gain: Unknown (*Garmin did not save activity- grrr.)

This was more of a walk than a hike... and the best part was around the lake, and the view driving in.

The view from Grizzly Peak Boulevard.

Lake Anza

Quite a bit of the trail around the lake, is walking through roots.

Passing through Little Farm.

It pays to look behind you.. Mt. Tam.

The view from Inspiration Point - Mt. Diablo.

Again, from Inspiration Point.

Lake Anza Trail, Selby Trail, Memory Trail, Packrat Trail, pass through Little Farm, Loop Road Trail, Meadows Canyon Trail, Curran Trail  to Inspiration Point, Curran trail to 
Wildcat Gorge Trail, Lake Anza Trail.

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