Mt. Diablo

October 26, 2014
Contra Costa County
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 5.45 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,346 ft.

Beautiful day on the mountain.

Ends of the pinecone.

Mt. Tam in the distance.

A shy little mouse.

Mitchell Canyon Rd., Globe Lily Tr., Red Road, Black Point Tr., Black Point Summit Tr.


  1. What a beautiful hike! I've worked my way up to 9 miles. Now I just need a partner and a place and I'm ready to hike:)

    1. Guyla, California Hiking by Tom Stienstra is an excellent resource to find awesome hiking places, in the Bay Area as well as in the entire state. Sarah.

    2. Good for you, Guyla! Nine miles is perfect for us. Mount Diablo is one of our very favorite places to hike. Wish you lived closer so you could join us!

    3. Ooppss, I didn't know Guyla lived in Oklahoma.... I thought that her commenting on a Bay Area hike meant she lived nearby... Lol my bad, Sarah (still puzzled).....................

    4. No worries, Sarah! Guyla and I are in an online cooking group together. One never knows when one will visit the Bay Area. Always nice to have recommendations. I too will check out the book you mentioned. :)

    5. It is a real bible for hikers! Not to be missed! =)