china camp state park

January 27, 2013
San Rafael, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 7.91 miles

Not a very promising start...

Turtle Back Hill

Salt marsh.

I'm assuming these are to keep the birds from hangin' out and poopin' all over the sign.

Duck blind ~ how do you get to one? By boat? Walk out and back at low tide?

This tree branch looks like a person waving!

Close-up of duck blind.

A rhino!

Keep your eyes and ears open on the trail. 
China Camp is VERY popular with mountain bikers ~ all were very courteous. :)


Beautiful views!

The deer were amazing.
They did not run off ~ just look at us.

.. or blatantly ignore us.

Such a beauty.

Yep ~ Mount Diablo in the distance.

Richmond~San Rafael Bridge with San Francisco in the distance.

The cranes of Port of Oakland on the horizon.


Hello again!

We just love this old junk yard we see on the drive home from Marin.

Notice the heart!

Shoreline, Turtle Back, Oak Ridge, Bay View, Back Ranch fire trail

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