huckleberry botanic preserve/sibley volcanic preserve

February 25, 2012
Oakland, CA 
Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve: Huckleberry Nature Path
Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve: Round Top Loop
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 7.86 miles

In addition to the two trails mentioned above we were going to also do (at least a portion of it) of the East Bay Skyline National Trail: Lomas Cantadas to Skyline gate but in reverse. However with the three of us having new cameras and taking pictures we ran out of time. I think it added 2.5 hours!

Beautiful hike today ~ nothing more to say!!

A little game to play: How many faux faces can you find?

See the green house?

Odd place to find a basketball - on a nature path.

This path was quite artistic looking.

Hope to get a close-up of a hawk one day.


Birds perched.

One tall Eucalyptus.

Dried up blackberries - no bears I guess.


  1. Hi, I love your website! I am a hiker myself and will be hiking in a few weeks the BART from Redwood Regional to Tilden. What is the segment from Huckleberry to Sibley like? From the pictures, it looks like steep going to Sibley and a steep going down on the way back. Were there lots of loose rocks on that portion of the trail? Thank you and happy hiking! Sarah.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. Wow - this was over two years ago. I don't recall it being terribly steep. Sibley was mostly, if not all, flat. Huckleberry, I want to say is rolling hills? I checked with my sister, and she too does not recall it being anything to drastic. I did look back on my Garmin, and the total elevation gain for the hike was 2,000 ft. if that helps you any. Happy Trails to you!

    2. Or maybe it was the other way around... it was a long time ago. Sorry!

    3. That is helpful, thank you! Hitting Windy Hill OSP this Sunday, Sibley next week. Happy trails, Happy Fourth and again thanks for such a beautiful website! I love it. Sarah.

  2. Never heard of Windy Hill. Just Googled it. Looks beautiful! A new one for us to explore. :)
    Enjoy your hike tomorrow!