diablo foothills regional park: redo

February 5, 2012
Walnut Creek, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Denise
Distance: 6.5 miles

This is the hike that we originally set out to do back in December where we had parked in the wrong lot; hence, taking the wrong trail. The trail markers here do not always coincide with the trail names shown not only on the map in the book, but the park map as well which can be frustrating.

This is one area you will not want to hike in the summer; you are out in the open for the majority of the walk. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we love our single track through the trees!! It's a pretty safe bet to say we won't be returning to this park. Still we had a beautiful day and in good company which made up for the humdrum of a hike.

Heart-shaped sandstone boulder.

Killer of a climb. Wish I could get the
depth of it to show in the photo.

Really... much steeper than it looks!

Twin Ponds going solo.
The other pond had dried up.

Homes slowly encroaching on nature.

Cool rocks. All pointy on top.

Steve? Alan?

These critters were everywhere!

Alan? Is that you?

Enjoying our buckeyes.

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