Wilder Ranch State Park | Fern Grotto Beach

August 3, 2017
Santa Cruz, Ca
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Dawn
Distance: 10 miles
Elevation Gain: 815 ft.

Bunny hopping across the trail. :)

Naked Ladies.

Let me show you around . . . 


Interesting cloud formation.

It was a bunny kind of day. :)

Curious to know what type of nest this is. 

Taking the wrong trail, we were gifted with this perfect lunch spot!

Wilder Beach - not open to the public.

These boaters however did make their way to Wilder Beach.

Looking down upon Fern Grotto Beach. 

Close-up of above photo.

Fern Grotto Beach. 

Another bunny!!! This little guy was just a few feet away from us.


Wilder Ridge Loop, Twin Oaks Trail, Wilder Ridge Loop (There are two! We took the first one inadvertently), Old Cove Landing Trail, Fern Grotto Beach.

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