Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

February 21, 2016
Livermore, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 8.81 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,046 ft.

 Interesting clouds today.

 This has to be the most interesting fungi we have seen.

 Downed tree on the trail.

 Gate pulley.

 Ewww. Maggots?

 Flowering bay - so beautiful.


Oh please, don't get up for us..

 Momma and baby on the ridge. 

 Los Vaqueros Reservoir

 Yep, that's the trail.

 And another one.

We haven't had rain for about a week, and this hillside was dripping with water.

 We came across a few rocks that had been topped with dirt - interesting.

Our favorite lunch spot at this park, even though our lady parts are thumpin' the whole time. 

 Best way to insure your PB&J is squished before consuming - ha ha ha. 

 The iPhone doesn't do distant close-ups very well. The hills looked like velvet.

 Okaaay... someone did not follow placement directions, or bridge funding was cut short.

Heaven's gate?

 Absolutely stunning! The photo does not do this view justice.


Clyma Trail, Mollock Trail, Coyote Trail, Stone Corral Trail, Eagle Trail, Valley View Trail, Manzanita Trail, Blue Oak Trail, Humming Bird Trail, Volvon Trail, Prairie Falcon Trail, Condor Trail.


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  1. Another gorgeous hike. Unbelievably beautiful. Thank you!