Hood Mountain Regional Park

September 13, 2015
Santa Rosa, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 7 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,226ft.

A lovely hike, despite the smoke filled views from the Valley Fire in Lake County. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered loss from this devastating fire.

We're hoping this means rain this winter!

A good sign!! It rained! Albeit a brief one.

On the way back down - we were wishing we could dismount from our legs.

My beautiful sister. :)

Horses and hikers..

The lookout.

A mother and son; and what a fine son he is. He offered to help us up the rocks - we graciously refused, stating we may be a bit chicken, not to mention that we would have to get back down, which he offered to hang out and help us back down if needed. Good job Mom, in raising a fine young man.

Now she was making us nervous - climbing out onto the outer rocks.

Taking to heart the comment in the guide - a well earned rest, when you reach Gunsight Rock.

It was way easier getting down than it looks - thank goodness (for me!)

Pygmy forest.

Lower Johnson Ridge Trail, Pond Trail, Upper Johnson Ridge Trail, Hood Mountain Trail (Summit), Gunsight Rock Overlook, Panorama Ranch Trail

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