Mount Olympia (In Mt. Diablo State Park)

September 21, 2014
Contra Costa County
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6 miles - short but steep
Elevation Gain: 2,208 ft

Looking for seclusion? This is the hike for you - if you don't mind a bit of climbing. We saw only one person and his two dogs on the way up the peak, and only a few others on the way down on a main road.

As for the climbing part - per the MDIA (Mt. Diablo Interpretive Assoc.) total rise occurs in a little over a mile! (From where we started - we reached the top in 2.5 miles.)

I'm thinking this is not a very well known loop. If you search Mount (or Mt.) Olympia on the Mt. Diablo State Park website, nothing comes up. A Google search reveals only a few hits.  It may also not be popular due to it being a bit strenuous. It was a good hike - we would do it again.

Mt. Olympia - before we knew it was her.

There she is. In the middle. She doesn't look very intimidating.

Still doesn't look so bad..



Bwahaha! Boy do I look silly climbing up a steep hill!

Remnants of the Morgan Fire.

Almost there - if you look closely, you can see the marker on the peak.

Mt. Diablo Summit in the background.

Enticing looking trail - wrong direction though.

We made it!  :)

Whew! What a trek!

Battle wounds.
No, she is not trying to be prim and proper by sticking out her pinky. She dislocated it when she fell - luckily she was able to pop it back into place. Still smiling though!

A nice rest, and a belly full of food. I'm ready to conquer the downhill!!! 

The littler in the middle of the trail.. (which I did not notice when I took the photo) was a pair of poopy undies. Poor soul. 

Show the love. Heart-shaped scat, on a heart-shaped rock.

You can call me Cat.  :)
This is where the pull-out should have been for us to park. 


Sharkey Road, Olympia Trail, East Trail, Mt. Olympia Road, Olympia Trail

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