Mt. Diablo ~ Spring Has Sprung

April 13, 2014
Contra Costa County
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 6.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,673 ft.

Diablo Ranch

Turtle Rock

If it wasn't for ticks, we would have laid out on our backs to watch the clouds go by - they were amazing today.

The poppies were incredibly beautiful - the hills were covered with them. 

A very pregnant fish! And she was so tiny herself. 

Moses Rock

Poker Table Flat


Diablo Ranch, Angel Kerley Rd., Mothers, Burma Rd.


  1. Hi, Love the pictures of our mountain and many kudos to which one of you take such beautiful shots. Wonder how those fish will do when the heat of summer arrives? Someone must have dumped them there. Burma is a tough trail in my opinion, what did you ladies think? Thanks for posting these, I would join but I'm not with Google. Carlene

  2. Hi Carlene, sorry you are unable follow - had no idea you had to be with Google to join. Thank you for your kind comment about our pictures; it is a collaborative effort. We assumed the park district added the fish - they are in several of the troughs. We figured it was for mosquito control??? On this hike, we did the lower portion of Burma, and went downhill.. and it depends on who you ask; me, I look forward to a good strenuous uphill - my sister, not so much. We are the exact opposites - I hate the downhills, and she prefers them. :) We both have knee issues as well. Do you post you hikes? Would love to read what you guys do. :)

  3. Hi, Good to hear back from you! I had never thought of the fish in that aspect, hope you are correct. Yes, have done Burma but only the lower portion also. I too have a bad knee (torn meniscus) and would rather hike up a hill than down. Here's a hike that does part of Burma you guys may want to try: Stage Rd. (Castle Rock Park) to Sunset Tr, up Sunset to Falcon Rd. Tr to Little Pine Creek Tr to Burma Rd to Buckeye Tr to Stage Rd Tr and back to the start. It's about 8.5 miles. We don't always post pictures of our hikes. My friend and I started hiking by ourselves about 5 yrs. ago, we had previously hiked with the Mt. Diablo Adult School. We slowly added friends who wanted to hike with us and now have about 20+ people show up every Tues when we lead our hikes. Last Tues. we hiked in the Lime Ridge area and one of the hikers took pictures and posted them on - Look for Lime Ridge hike - Apr 29th - Tues Turnaround Group, think the number is #2758528 as there are other Lime Ridge hikes on that site. I am in the first set of pix with a green shirt and tan pants. I started looking for other places to hike and found your site, I always enjoy the pictures and tales of the hikes you gals do. Some of our group will sometimes offer to lead a hike for us and that is what we did last Tues. We call ourselves the Tuesday Turnarounds because of the back tracking we've done when we go the wrong way! Have a wonderful day! Carlene

  4. Love the name Tuesday Turnarounds! That happens to us all the time! Wow, you do have a lot of people on your hikes. Usually it is just the two or three of us, once in awhile, another friend or two will come along, but not often. I think we scare them away - we don't always follow a map, and take a ton of pictures (as you can see) which makes for an all day excursion.