Henry Coe State Park

April 6, 2014
Morgan Hill, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 7.77 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,824 ft.

Interesting looking pine..

 Frog Lake - aptly named.


 Remnants of the 2007 Lick fire.

 I see the moon..

 A log.

 The perfect lunch spot.

 Noreen showcasing today's lunch menu - PB&J and oranges.

It looks as though you are going to drive right off the edge.

 Turkey vulture.

 Lake Anderson (reservoir).

 A very skinny deer.


Manzanita Point Road, Monument, Ponderosa (Vista Point), Hobbs Road, Frog Lake, Middle Ridge, Fish, Corral.


  1. Thank you CAthleen for making me an honorary Wild Woman! I've already begun trying to live up to the title by learning to drive and use our RV by myself! I have several friends who say they will join me and hike with me but I'm finding it difficult to connect with hiking women who will commit to it! Everyone says they want to but when I say okay lets go there are always reasons they can't. I guess the solution is to come to CA and walk with you and your sister! Please keep sharing your adventures with your sister. I love the beautiful pictures and you keep me inspired!

  2. Guyla, I can not imagine driving an RV! Well, maybe, if all I had to do was go forward. ;)

    Do look us up if you are ever in CA! Would love to have you along on one of our hikes. :)