Jack London State Historic Park

February 2, 2014
Glen Ellen, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6.8 miles
Elevation Gain: 968 ft.

It was a cold, wet, and wonderful day~

"The House of Happy Walls."

A few artifacts Mr. London brought back from his many travels.

'I wouldn’t mind if you laid my ashes on the knoll where the Greenlaw children are buried. And roll over me a red boulder from the ruins of the Big House.' -Jack London (source)

How cool is this!
There is even a bee in the upper-left of the photo.

Laura, she reminds me of a kewpie doll. ;)

"Wolf House" -Jack's dream home.
He had the home built mainly from stone, so it would be fireproof and remain standing "for a thousand years". Unfortunately the home was destroyed by spontaneous combustion from a pile of linseed oil-soaked rags that had been left by workers -(source). Jack passed away before he was able to rebuild.

Reflection pool.

What a magnificent home this would have been..

Catching rain drops. :)

"Sherry Barn"


"The Cottage"

"The Winery Ruins"

The eucalyptus trees were awesome looking. 

The lines on the trees are made from dripping raindrops.

"Pig Palace"
Gotta love this man!

Each pig family had its own area.

"The Feed House"

Water trough.

The acorn woodpeckers have been busy.

Standing on the dam of the lake.

An empty lake.

Lake bed.

"Bath House"

Seeking refuge from the rain. Lunchtime!
As Laura said, we were wet from the tip of our noses, to the tips of our toes!

Our lunch spot. Under the eve, not the picnic table.

Camera lens a bit fogged up - makes for a cool picture.

More cool eucalyptus trees.

On the drive home, we took a detour through the now defunct Mare Island Naval Shipyard.


  1. It is sooooo beautiful. I want to go back!

    1. Me too! But will it be the same without the never ending rain?! Lol.

  2. I am SO envious! I must work harder at finding someone to walk with. I want to be a Wild Woman Walking too! This is a beautiful spot!

    1. Guyla, it was beautiful - how can it not be, it is in the heart of wine country after all. I have to say the ruins were my favorite part of the walk. It would have been an awesome place to live.

      I hereby declare you, an honorary Wild Woman!