Rockville Hills Regional Park - Twofold

December 31, 2013 / January 1, 2014
Fairfield, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Andy / Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 4.34 miles /4.36 miles
Elevation Gain: 804 ft. / 948 ft.

I visited Rockville twice in as many days. The first being a "date day" with the hubby, then came back the next day with the girls (a bit different route).

Day one:

Oh shit. Now to get back down. Not fun (for me).

Looks more like a pond than a lake. This has been the driest year ever for California. A little scary.

Hey, good lookin'..

That is Mr. Tilley, at the end of the walkway. He is one of the original founders of the park. It was such a pleasure to speak with him.

RATS is a mountain biking group. There was a cupboard filled with extra bike parts if needed.

Can they build houses any closer together?

This quaint deli was in the process of closing early for New Year's Eve - they were gracious enough to make us sandwiches before closing the doors. :)

Lower Quarry, Cave, Rock Garden, Pond Pass, Tilley Connection, Lower Tilley, Upper Tilley, Rockville

Day two:

Gotta kick out of the name "Unknown".

Hmmm.. what's that?

I chose to stay at the bottom this time..

The Vortex.

Strange things happened here. Noreen's phone gps went crazy in this spot. When I went to take a picture, my camera screen had brought up a "scope" that was twirling around. Dodododoo..

Yep. That's our trail - Cascade Trail.
At the top we met some bikers planning a trip down this. Yikes.

They sent the youngest down first. At least he was wearing a full-face helmet. He flew down - and made it safely, I'm happy to report. :)

This guy was a bit more apprehensive.

Diablo. :)

No change from yesterday. Ha ha ha.

Cool bench.

The Devil's Backbone.

Lower Quarry, Cave, (Vortex), Unknown, Unknown Meadow, Sunset Cave, Fern Falls, Cascade, Jockey Junction, (The Wall), Mystic Ridge, Bay Area Ridge, Pond Pass, Wild Turkey, Devils Backbone

There is a permit fee of three dollars per person. Permits are located at the entrance. Cash and credit cards accepted.

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