Walking the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge

September 8, 2013
Crockett, CA
Hikers Walkers: Cathy, Laura, Denise
Distance: 4.21 miles

This has to be our shortest walk ever! And we certainly are living up to our name of Wild Women Walking (walking). We may never get back to our serious hiking days - damn bodies.

We were hoping to find our way to Glen Cove Marina from the bridge, however, we did not know where to go once we got off the bridge. Stay tuned though. Next week, we will be starting from the Benicia Marina and work our way to Glen Cove.

The first four pictures were taken from a lookout point on San Pablo Avenue.

That's the bridge (in the foreground - it's hard to see, but there are two bridges there.) we will be walking across. 

The Dead Fish restaurant where we started our walk. We left a note on our car to please not tow it away for we would be back for brunch. I just love the rooftop on their building.

The Al Zampa suspension bridge (aka Carquinez bridge) is in the foreground and the older cantilever Carquinez bridge in the background.

 Nantucket Restaurant


 Not sure what these represent, but they remind me of a giant rake.




 The Golden Bear maritime training ship.


 Awww.. a lonely buckeye.


Bay Trail

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  1. Even though my knees seem to be failing me, with Mt. Diablo burning we will have to go, when we're allowed, to pay our respects. :(