falls trail revisited

March 10, 2013
Mt. Diablo
Contra Costa County
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 6.3 miles

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Thank you ladies for retrieving my camera (twice) and yours truly. :)

The photo doesn't quite capture the beauty of the swirling branches.

Laura just can not pass up a stump. This one actually looked like a hand.
On our return trip, this is where I dropped my camera (for the third time this day)!
Help! My feet are suctioned!

John Donner cabin site..
(Not to be confused with the ill-fated Donner party.)


and again.

We found only a few small waterfalls. Not enough rain for the main falls to be flowing.

Wild cucumber.

Doesn't this look like it should be under the sea?

No major waterfall.

Unfortunately the beautiful shiny sparkles do not show up in the picture.

She so cute..

Third time's the charm! Fell face  lens down into the mud. It was even worse. I had already removed some of the mud from the lense before the picture was taken.

The mud makes kind of a cool filter.

Man, you didn't get my face I was making!


{Regency Drive}, Donner Canyon Rd., Cardinet Oaks Road, Falls Trail, Middle Trail, Hetherington Trail, Meridian Trail.

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