crockett hills regional park

March 3, 2013
Crockett, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 8.07 miles



Looks like a giant bolt.

Wood rat nest.

An abundance of caterpillars today. So very pretty!


Looks like a giant slithering snake.

We aptly named this Pollywog Pond.

Our lunch spot.

Of course I have to include a picture of Mt. Diablo!

Edward Creek, Wood Rat, Soaring Eagle, Sky, Big Valley, Kestrel Loop, Edwards Loop, plus an unnamed side trail or two.


  1. Hi!
    I was looking for pictures to start promoting our Sweat For Swett 5k over Woodrat Trail in Crockett and came across your blog.
    Would your group be interested?
    May 22 and group discounts for 4 or more will be available as will online registration.

    1. Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for the invite, however we will pass. If you do use any of my photos, which I am always happy to share, please give attribution.

      Thank you, and good luck on your 5K!