our magestic mountain: mt. diablo

August 5, 2012
Contra Costa County
Mitchell Canyon/Back Creek Trails
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 8.97 miles

When I left the house this morning to pick up my sister, we did not have a concrete plan other than we were going to trek Mt. Diablo; our beloved magestic mountain. I copied the largest map of Diablo that I could find in our hiking book and we went from there. And what fabulous day! (Noreen: We will be going back, not to worry!!! Especially to the vistors center - Ha ha ha. Cool stuff! Bring cash or check!)

You need to plan for a full day when you hike Mt. Diablo. We never make it back in the time we allot ourselves. Today for instance we planned on being back by one o'clock; it was three thirty when we got home. We knew we were in trouble when it took us close to half an hour just to walk maybe a tenth of mile. So much beauty right from the beginning!


Mitchell Rock
Formed during the Jurassic period.

Mitchell Rock

(no relation to the beverage)

Sharing the love..

Notice it was a heart-shaped rock Laura added.

Looks like a deer to us!

Any guesses? *

Notice the bird shaped rock someone
has placed atop the sign.

Find Waldo "Lizard"

Anyone know the  name of this plant?

Now this is a rocky trail.

No, it's not the Mystery Spot.
Just stretching the calves on an incline.

Headin' back..

Black Winged Kite

*A droplet of sap.

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