mt diablo: trail through time

August 26, 2012
Contra Costa County
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6.36 miles

Beautiful day on Diablo ~ nothing harrowing or death defying; other than the drive up & down!

We started our hike at Rock City.

Sexy momma!

Hey Mikey!

A must have while hiking!

Laura on her way up Sentinel Rock.

I on the other hand chose to hang down here..

Fall is in the air.

Cool picnic benches/table.

It turned out to be a sulfur spring.

Volunteer trail guides.
What a great way to spend your days!

They were kind enough to direct our vision
to a cool rock formation up the road.
(Way, way up the road...)

Coyote or mountain lion print?

I was thinking this is the rock we were looking for.

A sign from the volunteers!

Thank goodness Laura is always walking
with her head down and saw the arrow.
We would have totally missed this.

Here is another..

Is it lunch time yet?
I'm getting hungry.

I think she walks with her head down
all the time to make sure everyone
sees her cool hat. :)

Never fails! We always find a bench AFTER we have eaten.
Missed this on the way up. Too busy walking with our heads
down looking for scat, paw prints [and arrows]!

The trunk and branches were covered
in a light green lichen.

Close up of trunk.

Trail Through Time, Civ. Cons. Corps., Devils Slide,
Knobcone Point Road, and Summit.