pleasanton ridge regional park

July 26, 2012
Pleasanton, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 12+ miles

Well... somehow my Garmin turned off just after recording only 2 feet in distance so I do not have the actual mileage or a copy of the map of our hike. The book, East Bay Trails by David Weintraub lists this hike as 12.3 miles to be completed in six to eight hours (we did it in 7.25) and rated very difficult. We did take a few single track turn-offs which may or may not have added to the mileage.

In regard to the very difficult rating - there was nothing technical about the hike. It must be due to the length and the fact that the trails are all up, up, up or down, down, down. The majority of the trek was on a wide fire-road like trail out in the open.

This is one park we will not re-visit for we prefer our single-track trails that meander through the brush.

Well, which is it - lift or push?

As if this will keep out everyone!

Birds seem to like this post!

Olive Grove

Those little white pieces of weed are being
carried by ants.

Acorn Woodpecker made these holes.


Bench dedication.

Loved this turkey vulture!
He/she kept circling above getting closer with each consecutive
circle. Even cocked its head and tucked in its wing to us!
(maybe it had to due with the  feather Laura had stuck in her cap..)

The picture does not do this tree justice. It looked
so cool with the lichen hanging from its branches.


Known as "lace lichen"

Turkey vultures!

Sorry hon!

You would have thought it was Fall.

Looks ideal to me... not.

Rocky trail.

Laura loves her... weeds.

No, not a tan..

That my friend, is dirt!

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