briones reservoir revisited (time and time again..)

July 22, 2012
Contra Costa County, CA
Hikers: Cathy & Laura
Distance: 8.84 miles

Elongated webs.


Almost walked right into this web.

 Where's "Mantis" Waldo?

It was web city today.

I wish I could make this picture shimmer
 as the light did on the water - mesmerizing!

The Quail Family

Interesting to watch these guys. The adults
blocked the trail till the youngsters crossed
over and then one last adult came up from
behind once everyone was safely on the
other side.

Snake bones still here from our last walk in May.

We will be walking up this!

Kingfisher - like the Indian airline & beer.

Swallow nests.

Crab claw?!

Termite infested log.

We could have taken stairs!

Hmm... interesting; being there is no swimming or
boating of any kind on the reservoir.

We actually started and ended at the red balloon.

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