briones: chasing horses

June 10, 2012
Martinez, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: A paltry 2 miles

It was not our intent to do only two miles today; it was to be a short hike, but not this short!

Every time we drive into this park we see the same horses sitting atop the same hill, in the same spot. At one point we wondered if they were even real. On our last hike we saw a trail that we had yet to explore and wondered if it would take us to the horses for it went in that general direction.

The trail did get us closer to the horses, and yes, they are real. The closer we got the further away they trotted - the little boogers. So off we went to continue on our new found trail which once again as several trails in Briones do, it dead-ended and we had to go back the way we came which dropped us back at the car so we decided to just head on home.

Though this was short it was not disappointing. No matter how long or short our hikes stretch we are always gifted with nature's beauty.

The horses!

Fox hole?

We are serious weed photographers.

Climbing the walls.

We're coming!

That is poison oak coverting this walnut tree.

They took cover under the trees.

Low flying hawk.

More horses!

There is a lizard amongst the weeds.

Lucky for us we did not come across any rattlers today.

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