little yosemite 2

December 11, 2011
Sunol, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Mike
Distance: 3.74 miles

Ooops. Did not mean to add the culinary watermark on the photos - took too long to upload for a redo..


All bundled up and ready to go! Brrr...
Yes, I have earmuffs on!

Spelling out "Pat"
Pat was supposed to have joined us but he changed his mind.

Love this shot from my nephew.

The most beautiful mushrooms
we have ever seen!

This is one big bunch of mistletoe.
Kinda has a shape of a beehive...

My nephew so easily hopping from rock to rock...

No - the picture is not sideways.

Can you see me now?

actually taken by mom...

Check the roots out on this tree.
It incased rocks as it grew.

Mike patiently waiting for me to make my way down the rocks.
It was tougher than it looks - really...

These beatles were a beautiful pearlescent/metallic green.

What is this contraption?

Must have problems with people driving through?

A woodpecker!

A close-up of our escapade through the rocks.

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