Redwood Regional Park | Zig-Zag-ish Loop

May 21, 2017
Oakland, Ca
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Dawn
Distance: According to the park map - 5.31 miles. However out of three Strava apps and one Garmin, the mileage varied - 8.9, 7.6, 8.5, and 3.9 (ha!) - go figure.
Elevation Gain: Ranging from 1000 ft to 1300+  depending on device.

 Create-With-Nature pathway.

 Clover field.

 This is the first I have seen clover bloom.

 Starflowers, seen on none other than the Starflower Trail.

 Injured moth. :(

Stream Trail, Tres Sendas, Starflower Trail, French Trail, Mill Trail, Fern Trail, Chown Trail, Bridle Trail

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