Coyote Hills Regional Park

January 4, 2015
Fremont, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 9.93 miles
Elevation gain: 830 ft.

It was a chilly start..

But, oh so beautiful!

Lots of ducks.

The Dumbarton bridge.

Salt evaporation ponds.

Women or rocks?

It's good to have all your ducks in a row..

Godspeed, little guy.

Insect trap.


Nah. Just a cute little kitty. :)

Quail Trail, Glider Hill Trail, Red Hill Trail, Bayview Trail, Pelican Trail, Alameda Creek Trail, Dust Trail, Chochenyo Trail, Muskrat Trail, Nike Trail, Bayview Trail, Lizard Rock Trail.

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  1. you got some great pics on this one!