Black Diamond Mines

November 17, 2013
Antioch, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 7.49 miles
Elevation gain: 1,677 ft.

 Fur-lined barbed wire.


 Zip-off pant legs make for arm warmers in a pinch!

 Whoa! Look at the size of this pinecone!

 Stovepipe hole of Jim's place (a little underground dwelling).


 Me and my sis. :)
You probably can't tell what the weather was like, by looking at the photo.
Me all bundled up, and my sis in shorts and a tank.

 An old mine shaft made into a vistor's center.

Who are these people?! They walked around the corner just as I snapped the picture.


Manhattan Canyon, Black Diamond, Coal Canyon, Nortonville, plus a few side excursions on unnamed trails.

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