Hayward Regional Shoreline | Eden Landing Ecological Reserve

August 11, 2013
Hayward, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 7 Miles

What an unexpected delight!

The injurious amigas (me/groin, Laura/knee, Noreen/ankle) was looking for an easy walk to ease ourselves back into the wild. I for one was not thrilled to get started; totally flat, flat, flat - and what I read online, was only 4 miles long. Turned out to be 7 miles and beautiful!

Molted crabs.

Notice the swarm of birds in the sky at the top of the picture. So cool! Wish we were closer.

Extremely dry, cracked earth.

The eagle has landed..

San Mateo Bridge in the back ground.

Jack rabbit!

An old landfill. Cool shit.

Package of batteries? So not good.

Leopard shark, possibly lost in mid-flight.

Park Office. Hmm.

Another shot of the San Mateo Bridge.

Birds in flight.

Wish I had caught them when they were directly overhead. They were beautiful.

This guy was fun to watch. He kept shuffling his feet to disturb his catch.

(In the visitors center.)

Leopard Shark

San Francisco Bay Trail

4901 Breakwater Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545

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