lands end (and a little bit of san francisco)

December 9, 2012
San Francisco, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 6.86 miles

What fabulous weather we had. Clear as a bell, mid- sixties, and not a bit of wind.

We felt a bit silly being decked out in our hiking gear. This is more of a walking trail than a hiking trail. Still we had a good time. Nice rolling hills, a short stroll on China Beach, and lots, and lots of stairs!

We were hoping to hike over and across the Golden Gate Bridge. We were told we could get to Baker Beach from China Beach, then to the bridge. This was not the case for it was not low tide. We would have had to wade or maybe even swim around some rocks to get to the other beach. We could have walked through the multimillion dollar neighborhood of Sea Cliff to get to our destination, but we already had enough of the streets from our short stint to reach China Beach.

Maybe we will do the short walk through the Presidio and over to the bridge on a future hike (walk).

Beautiful blue skies on our way into the city.

MUNI tracks.

Love this!
(Ford Ranchero = Huevos Rancheros - the egg dish)

Just because.

The antlers look like they have sprouted branches.

Sutro Bath ruins.
Laura and I could have spent all day here.

Beautiful Red Tail Hawk.

The Cliff House Restaurant

Humming Bird

An otter!

Heart shaped hole.

Another view of the Cliff House.

The is the second of four, and my favorite Cliff House. This one survived the 1906 earthquake only to succumb to a fire a year later.
(Photo source:

Point Bonita is in the background.

Remains of Mile Rock Lighthouse.

A sleeping bag in the bushes.

Don't know what this was. There were a couple of them.

Did I mention there were a lot of stairs?

A bench to rest between stair climbs.

Baker Beach (L) and China Beach (R)

It appears that someone has dumped the ashes of a loved one; be it human or animal.

If you look really close you may be able to see the three swimmers.

Is it rude to photograph peoples entryways?

How beautiful is this!?!

Lifeguard equipment pick up station. Complete with bathrooms, showers and suntanning deck.

What a shame to cover up a beach view. Temporary?

Now for your viewing pleasure - sand art:

One more home from the Sea Cliff neighborhood.

We took a detour to visit the grounds of the Legion of Honor.

An early cast of The Thinker.

Windmill donated by Queen Wilhelmina.

I love this little fence made from grapevines.

Sutro Tower up close.
We normally see this from Mt. Diablo or Mt. Tamalpais and shrouded in fog with just the tip showing.

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