las trampas regional wilderness: thanksgiving day hike 2012

November 22, 2012
Alamo/Danville, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura, Noreen
Distance: 9 miles (felt like ten+)

What an awesome Thanksgiving Day hike! We started out at 8:30am and returned to the car at 4:00pm. Yeah, we take a lot of photos (less than half end up here) plus lunch and rest stops. ;)

Our destination today was Tao House (pronounced "Dow") the home of the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner playwright Eugene O'Niell.

Beautiful from the start!

Most colorful scat we've seen!

What are sisters for..
This is why hiking pants have zippers on the legs.

That's a lot of mistletoe.

These are some healthy coyotes.
No lack of food here.

Eagle Peak
(Funny looking eagle.)

How apropos!

Our walking sticks at rest.

Leaning sticks.

Our destination - Tao House.

Tao House
Danville, CA

"Four wrought-iron Chinese characters spelling out Tao House,
 (Tao means, the “right way of life") adorn the black courtyard gate."

Woodpeckers have been busy.

Click here to read the Will.

We were hoping the white spots in the middle were owls.
Unfortunately it appears to be plastic of some sort.

Map courtesy of Noreen and her EveryTrail app.
(forgot the Garmin)

Ringtail Cat, Madrone, Corduroy Hills, Las Trampas Ridge, Sulphur Springs and Del Amigo

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