briones: flora & fauna

April 8, 2012
Martinez, CA
Hikers: Cathy, Laura
Distance: 9.24 miles

Well it happened once again. Our intended three hour hike turned into an all day excursion - six and a  half hours. We really need to stop trying to decipher the park maps; we do much better on our own.
This may be why we end up being the only two on our hikes.

Briones is a wonderful place and we are so fortunate to have such beauty so close to home. Yes Laura, I'm going to say it: right in our own backyard! And we had it all; snakes, deer, hawks, turkeys, newts, and frogs; and beautiful weather to boot! Walking the trails we could hear the hum of bees everywhere. Fabulous day it was!

Briones never disappoints.

Reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting.

Looked like a pile of faces.

The pond area was filled with these cute little frogs.
They were only a few inches big.

We came back to the pond to check on our newt eggs, but 
with the recent rains they were all covered up. Last visit
we were able to walk all the way around the pond,
not so this time.

Tenacious little buggers these stickers.


Three little critters.

Draw bridge!



Those fuzzy looking "buds" are bees.

Our trail ended. Guess we'll go this way.

It too dead-ended. There must be a trail at the top.
(we hope.) Let's get started.

The hill was steep and really soft. There better be a
trail up there.

Scratches from sticker bushes and bruised hand
from a rock tumbing down on me.

Yes! The trail - I knew it.

Excuse us...

Love these!

Bears in Briones?


  1. Those prickly red things would make cute earrings! :P

  2. My thought exactly! Now if I can find out what they are..

  3. Hillside gooseberries